Werth Innovators Leadership Development

Ambassadors for entrepreneurship

Werth Innovators are student ambassadors for entrepreneurship and innovation at UConn who play a central role in building interest and participation in our wide range of programs. They are selected from a pool of applicants and receive a $3,000 scholarship as well as mentoring and unique, transformative experiences during their remaining years at UConn. Accepted students become a part of a close-knit network of successful and innovative peers and alum. There are currently seventy-five Werth Innovators selected since the inception of the program in 2018, with the first cohort graduating in the spring of 2021. Students are selected based upon their innovative projects, entrepreneurial mindsets, and interest in increasing student involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation at the university.

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Deadline to apply is Friday, April 30th 2021!

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What is the WILD program?

The WILD program is the Werth Innovators Leadership Development program created to support students interested in building their confidence, leadership and skills within the world of entrepreneurship. Werth Innovators are students selected to be a part of the WILD program at The Werth Institute.

What entails being a Werth Innovator?

The role of a Werth Innovator is defined by the student. Not every student has the same goals, ideas or projects they wish to pursue therefore, each student progression and outcome is unique. The Werth Institute staff provides Werth Innovators with personalized support, skill-building guidance and networking opportunities to grow their entrepreneurial mindset, confidence and aptitude. Students will gain exciting opportunities and experiences they can apply to their focused areas of interest and beyond.

What is the benefit of becoming a Werth Innovator?

Werth Innovators will have the opportunity to participate in The Werth Institute’s NetWerx mentorship program where students are paired with a UConn alum mentor during their first summer of being a part of the WILD program. They will have special invitations to Werth Coffee Chats with leading industry professionals in a small group informal mentoring setting. Many other unique activities may include a trip to Silicon Valley, CA, NYC or Boston, attendance at relevant conferences or workshops, one-on-one guidance from experienced entrepreneurial coaches and venture builders, and attending or hosting relevant opportunities and events. Werth Innovators become a part of a special community of driven students and alum committed to building their entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets.

Tell me more about the scholarship money!

Werth Innovators are selected from a pool of eligible applicants. To be eligible, you must be a part of the class the current call is going out to (ex: currently during the spring of 2021 we are calling rising sophomores and juniors to apply). The selection process may include several interviews with Werth Institute staff or current Werth Innovators. Selected applicants will receive a one-time $1,500 scholarship during their upcoming fall and spring semester.

What is expected or required of a Werth Innovator?

Werth Innovators should promote, participate and recruit for entrepreneurial programs at UConn and act as ambassadors for The Werth Institute.

Sounds great, how do I apply?

Interested students who will be a sophomore or junior during the academic year of 2021-2022 may apply before the deadline of April 30th, 2021. Students may be asked to participate in an interview.

Questions about the application or the WILD program?
Katie Britt, Leadership Programs Coordinator at The Werth Institute

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