Werth Innovator Applications

We would like to thank everyone for applying to be a Werth Innovator for 2020-2021! For any future references or interests, applications will open up again in March 2021.

Benefits to becoming a Werth Innovator:

  • Receive a one-time $3,000 scholarship for participating in their sophomore year.
  • Invited to events with industry experts.
  • Exceptional networking opportunities.
  • Funded trip to Silicon Valley and San Francisco to visit top tech and entrepreneurial companies and UConn alum leaders during spring break of sophomore year.
  • Professional guidance and goal setting facilitated by recent UConn alums.

Expectations of Werth Innovators during sophomore year:

  • Attend and promote the “Experience Innovation Expo” and our featured speaker event in October.
  • Build innovative campus programs or solutions based on individual interests. Current examples include the student venture fund, Chrome extension for student admin, lead machine learning consulting project, or an opportunity to offer student-led workshops for peers.
  • Volunteer at UConn’s entrepreneurship and innovation programs.
  • Take the lead in handling logistics for a Werth Institute event.

Expectations of Werth Innovators during junior and senior years:

  • Create new opportunities for student programs based on individual interests.
  • Assume an ambassador role in identifying students who would benefit from becoming involved with UConn’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.