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Center for Excellence for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) is dedicated to the support and advancement of best practices in teaching and learning at the University of Connecticut. The staff of CETL work with individual faculty, teaching assistants, students, departments and the academic administration to create a culture which values teaching and learning, supports and rewards faculty for innovation in teaching, encourages respect for differences in learners and provides an environment where faculty, staff, and students work together to accomplish learning objectives.

In support of innovation, entrepreneurial ideas and scholarship, CETL hosts programs and award competitions which directly support the creative discovery of our universities researchers and scholars. CETL manages The Provost’s Teaching Innovation Mini Grant awards competition each year which is open to all faculty, of all ranks, across all campuses. This grant competition was designed to provide support for faculty innovation in teaching effectiveness and improved student learning outcomes. This funding supports opportunities for faculty to highlight innovative practice and improved teaching effectiveness with a focus on enhanced levels of student engagement and learning.

In addition to funding opportunities, CETL supports faculty by providing ample platforms for the sharing of best practices. The long standing lunch-time seminars offer faculty opportunities to explore research ideas and vetted practice alike. These casual sessions allow for dialogue between researcher and audience. Topics range from “Developing and Facilitating Engaging Online Discussions” to “Alternative Final Exams”. CETL also hosts a program created to support cross disciplinary teaching practices. The Innovation in Teaching & Learning Seminar Series focuses on faculty excellence in the classroom. The event gives a platform to highlight new teaching ideas and practices throughout the university. This series is intended to give unparalleled access and insight to faculty innovation and provide an avenue for cross-disciplinary adaptation of the best teaching practices on our campus.

There is no greater support for our faculty than the collaborative work and relationships that CETL foster’s across the university campus. The connections that CETL has developed provides unparalleled support for faculty seeking connections for scholarship, relationship and project development.

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Connecticut Small Business Development Center

The Connecticut Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC) provides no-cost, confidential advising services to both prospective and existing entrepreneurs to help them start or grow their business. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can meet with professional business advisors to learn more about startup planning, marketing, loan package development, industry trends, going global, growth strategies, disaster preparedness and more.

CTSBDC is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development and the University of Connecticut. The SBDC program remains one of the nation’s largest small business assistance programs in the federal government with a proven track record of providing 35 years of service to small businesses.

In addition to no-cost consulting services, the CTSBDC implements special programs including PrepareCT, a program designed to help businesses create a disaster-recovery plan; and Virtual CTSBDC, an advising service where businesses can receive assistance via Google Hangouts at participating statewide libraries.

For more information about the Connecticut Small Business Development Center and the services available to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the state, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Engineering Machine Shop

The School of Engineering Machine shop offers academic support to all SoE departments and research groups. On average, completion of over eight projects per month, range from one-day projects to multiple week-long design and build requests. During the fall semester the shop staff trains senior design students to help them develop their project ideas and provide hands on experience in a fabricating environment. Come the spring semester, they work with over thirty senior design teams to guide them through fabrication of their final product. The shop staff also provides service for existing lab equipment, including repair or modification to design and fabrication of custom apparatus used in research. All needs and requests are met with professionalism and completely in a timely manner.

IP and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

The UConn School of Law Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Law Clinic (“IP Law Clinic” or “Clinic”) provides patent, trademark and copyright services to Connecticut’s innovators and entrepreneurs as part of an instructional and experiential learning program. Services are provided by law students under the supervision of experienced intellectual property attorneys and include, but are not limited to, performing patentability and trademark clearance searches and related reports, drafting patent and trademark applications, and interacting with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) in the procurement of U.S. patents and federal registration of trademarks. The Clinic also provides counseling services in regard to copyright matters and assistance with the registration of copyrights in the U.S. Copyright Office.

As part of this instructional program, the IP Law Clinic students apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world situations so as to gain practical intellectual property experience and exposure to a wide array of legal issues that will enable them to be productive IP practitioners upon graduation from law school.

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UConn Libraries

The UConn Libraries provide access to resources that help entrepreneurs conduct industry and market research and validation, gather data on other companies, and find discipline-specific research in academic journals. With access to content from Standard & Poor’s, Gartner, Mintel, Global Insight and many other industry and market research firms, as well as research databases containing thousands of trade journals, business periodicals, and academic journals in engineering, medicine, and other disciplines, the UConn Libraries provides valuable information and data to all current UConn students, staff and faculty.

For more information, see or contact Steve Batt to schedule a research consultation.

Learning Community Innovation Zone

The Learning Community Innovation Zone (LCIZ), located in Next Generation Connecticut Hall, is designed to support individual and group projects and the development of practical problem-solving skills. This space is equipped with items such as 3D printers, a textile station, laser cutter, wood working equipment and tools, Arduino kits, mobile white boards, and much more. This maker space is designed to be accessible to all Learning Community students, including those that do not reside in NextGen Hall.

Tech Park and Proof of Concept Center

The Tech Park, a bold step for UConn and the State of Connecticut, builds upon the successful operating models of other university technology parks throughout the country. Its mission is to:

-Accelerate innovation with industry, from startups to mid-sized and large corporations
-Provide an active interface linking basic research and industrial applications
-Advance state economic development goals

The Innovation Partnership Building, or IPB, is the first Tech Park building and will be completed by Q1 2017. Comprising 115,000 square feet, the IPB will feature agile and flexible-use laboratories, including tenant labs. An investment of $40 million in specialized equipment is planned for the IPB. The UConn Tech Park is much more than a physical space – it is part of an expansive network of industry-supportive resources, programs, and collaborations that begin at UConn’s main campus in Storrs and extend throughout the State of Connecticut.

Technology Commercialization Services

The mission of Technology Commercialization Services is to expedite and facilitate the transformation of UConn discoveries into products and services that benefit society.

Our goals are to bring together UConn researchers and the business community in order to significantly enhance the commercial and societal impact of UConn’s research; identify and help move inventions by UConn faculty, staff and students towards the market through licensing, or new company formation; secure patent protection for new technologies, where warranted by market forces; generate industrial support for ongoing applied/translational research projects.

Contact us to evaluate and protect a UConn invention; find proof of concept and/or startup funding at UConn, from the investment community, as well as state and private sources; receive coaching and mentoring for your new venture; start a company; license a technology; incubate your business at UConn; access University-wide programs supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Technology Incubation Program

The Technology Incubation Program (TIP) offers unsurpassed value to high-tech start-ups and spin-offs. TIP offers wet and dry labs, offices and co-working spaces in Storrs, Farmington and Avery Point as well as access to instrumentation, research services and collaboration with scientific experts. TIP also provides customized business planning and mentoring services to help prepare it’s companies for their fund raising and sales pitches. The goal of TIP is to accelerate the success of new ventures and new products. TIP tenants, while typically startups, also include university partners expanding their capacity and commercializing technology though a relationship at the University. TIP is part of the Technology Commercialization Partners (TCP), UConn’s tech transfer enterprise and a division of the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). Its location within the TCP and the OVPR offers a birdseye view of intellectual property, research capacity and expertise that can enable the success of TIP companies.

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Venturewell is a national non-profit organization which supports and funds innovation and entrepreneurship on campuses across the US for students and faculty development. UConn is a member and therefore all students and faculty are eligible to take advantage of Venturewell’s resources.

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Verge Consulting Group

Verge Consultants (VCs) are graduate and professional school students who work with CCEI, the UConn School of Law, and Connecticut's SBDC to help UConn startups overcome the hurdles of entrepreneurship. Through a partnership with Connecticut Small Business Development Center, Verge Consultants get the opportunity to work directly (with mentorship from SBDC) with UConn and Connecticut-based startups. The internship can be paid, or for credit, and will be conducted during the summer months, beginning in June through August. Applications are now being accepted, through March 1, 2017.

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