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3D Printing Club

The 3D Printing Club is a place for students to collaborate on creative design and engineering solutions. It is open to all members of the university community, not just engineers, and embraces all aspects of the 3D printing community, both functional and artistic. It meets at least once a week and hosts design competitions, plans outreach events, and discusses advances in the technology. At outreach events they showcase the designs that members have made during their competitions, or even outside of the meetings. 3DPC actively works to improve campus awareness of 3D printing.

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The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation helps UConn students and faculty develop the skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs. CCEI offers entrepreneurial training and new venture support programs for faculty, staff and students across the University. Programs such as Accelerate UConn, Verge Consulting, the CCEI Summer Fellowship program, and our Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Initiative help aspiring entrepreneurs identify and analyze the market opportunity for new products and technology, and once proven, build scalable and sustainable business models that help bring game-changing new products, services, and technologies to market. CCEI also works in partnership with and supports several other entrepreneurial initiatives within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, including: the TIP Summer Internship Program, the Nursing Shark Tank event, HackUConn, reSET Summer Internship Program, the Forum on Healthcare Innovation, and the xCITE women’s entrepreneurship conference.

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Hosted by the Comcast Center of Excellence for Security Innovation at the University of Connecticut (CSI), CyberSEED brings together top information security professionals and business leaders to discuss emerging cybersecurity trends and formulate best strategies for tackling current and future threats. In the same academic setting, dozens of universities and colleges compete in unique cybersecurity challenges for prizes.

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Greenhouse Studios

Greenhouse Studios forges diverse and democratic collaborations that build humanities scholarship in new formats to engage new audiences. The design-thinking philosophy of Greenhouse Studios encourages non-hierarchical collaboration between librarians, faculty, students, designers, and university press partners. Greenhouse Studios projects are led through a five-stage process–Understand, Identify, Build, Review, and Release–designed to encourage collaboration and make all team members equal stakeholders in the project.

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The University of Connecticut Financial Technology Club is committed to helping innovators and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We strive to be the first organization an individual goes to when they need to build a team, get feedback on a product, or expand their network in the field of financial technology.

The events we facilitate include:

- Product Workshops
- Group Brainstorming
- Guest Speakers
-Discussion Forums
- Recruitment Events (both for student and industry-led companies)

By connecting entrepreneurs both at UCONN and elsewhere with the resources they need to succeed, we are constantly working to execute on our mission: spearheading innovation in the emerging field of financial technology.

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Innovation Connection

The Connection is a newly conceived, organic network linking practicing engineers and businesses with our faculty, students and resources. It is our aim for the Connection to become a uniquely symbiotic affiliation.
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Innovation Society

Innovators take existing ideas and build upon them to find practical uses. On the other hand, entrepreneurs organize and run business’. In order to market a new product designed by an innovator, an entrepreneur is required. This is one of the main reasons these two professions go hand in hand. These practices require a balance of wide-spread knowledge, creativity, dedication, teamwork, leadership, and most importantly passion. In the UConn Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society, my peers and I hope to create an environment to nurture these values and to form a medium in which students can personally express their ideas and learn how to pursue their goals. This society will be able to connect students of all majors which is crucial since any team requires a plethora of skills. Activities will include guest speakers from innovative entrepreneur alumni along with other speakers that will be able to teach the core values as listed above. Workshops will be held for a more interactive experience and advice will be given on how students can find the resources that are available to them at The University of Connecticut.
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UConn Learning Communities

Living and Learning Communities provide cohorts of students with opportunities to investigate areas of interest, either based on their major or an interdisciplinary topic, through guided courses and co-curricular activities. Living and Learning Communities develop knowledgeable, responsible, engaged citizens in a culture of inquiry within a learner-centered university. While assisting students with their transition to academic life, they offer a small college feel and a sense of place on a large campus; they promote meaningful and sustained interactions with faculty, staff, and student leaders; and they provide an effective structure for curricular coherence, deeper learning, student success, persistence, and engagement. More than 40 percent of the incoming class participates in a learning community, as well as hundreds of students beyond the first year.
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UConn TIP Internship Program

The UConn-TIP Internship Program pairs UConn students with on-campus University start-up companies for mentored research internships in Business or STEM areas. The program offers mentored 10-week long summer internships as well as academic credit earned for part-time research.

REU Summer Entrepreneurship Program

Over a three year period, this REU Site program will engage undergraduate students in a 10-week intensive, summer research experience focused on projects identified as having a high potential for translation to commercial projects and which encourage cross-disciplinary discussions and stimulate creativity. The research program will be complemented by a formal engineering entrepreneurship program that will focus on the creative process, idea generation, prototyping, and the realities of starting a business. Students will develop communication skills through required presentations to the REU cohort, their faculty mentors, and entrepreneurs. This REU program translates the model used by a successful graduate course in entrepreneurship at the University of Connecticut to a context appropriate for undergraduates.

SCOPE Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) program offers cutting edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to post-9/11 veterans with disabilities resulting from their service to our country.

The School of Business is proud to participate in this very special program that helps give back to individuals who have sacrificed for our country. EBV demonstrates the power of entrepreneurship in our communities by fostering an essential route for job creation and economic vitality.

The EBV is designed to give focused, practical training in the tools and skills of new venture creation and growth and the establishment of a support structure for graduates of the program.

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Xcite Conference

Xcite is an initiative designed to inspire, connect, and support Connecticut’s women in the process of leading the next wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in our state. Hosted by the University of Connecticut, participation will help female innovators: identify key areas of opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship; develop skills critical to launching and leading innovative and entrepreneurial projects and ventures; connect with peers, resources, and support services in Connecticut’s business community.

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