Third Bridge Grant Program

The UConn School of Engineering, in partnership with Connecticut Innovations, has established “The Third Bridge Grant” program to identify and provide early funding to engineering students with promising technologies developed independently and within UConn labs. The goal of The Third Bridge is to mentor and aid these students as they advance their technologies towards successful commercialization. The Third Bridge leverages the experience of the “Experiential Technology Entrepreneurship I and II” courses offered by the School of Engineering. These courses immerse engineering graduate students and their teams in the process of commercializing their technology and product ideas. For more information on The Third Bridge, please go to

The Third Bridge Grant program is currently accepting new applications from students who are enrolled in ENGR-5300 or students or former students who have already completed the course. Initial proposals are due by Jan. 22nd. Please print the attachment which has details for applying. Contact Katarzyna Terlikowski at if you have any questions.

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