Leadership and Staff

Hadi Bozorgmanesh


Hadi Bozorgmanesh is Professor of Practice in the School of Engineering at UConn where he developed and teaches Tech Experiential Entrepreneurship for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers interested in converting research into viable businesses. Bozorgmanesh is academic advisor to the Innovation House and actively involved with introducing entrepreneurship to the First Year Learning Communities. Bozorgmanesh also serves as a mentor and advisor to student entrepreneurs, and helps them with funding opportunities through the Third Bridge Grant Program.

Prior to UConn, Bozorgmanesh was a senior executive with Science Application International Corporation (SAIC), where he held leadership positions in Europe and the U.S. He holds a Ph.D in Nuclear Science and Engineering, M.S. in Physics and Nuclear Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from UConn.


David Noble

DaNoble 2vid Noble is Assistant Professor in Residence in the School of Business at UConn where he researches and teaches entrepreneurship and strategy. David serves as the director of Xcite: the Conference for Women in Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship and also participates as a judge and mentor in the UCONN InnovationQuest program.

Prior to UConn, David was a securities and corporate finance attorney, with experience representing startups from the formation through IPO process. He has  extensive non-profit board experience. He holds a Ph.D in Management from the University of Alabama, a J.D. from the University of Miami, a M.B.A. from the Elon University, and B.S. in Political Science from Northeastern University.


Kathy F. Rocha

Kathy Rocha on Feb. 18, 2016. (/UConn Photo)

Kathy F. Rocha is managing director of UConn’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium. She is also entrepreneur-in-residence for the School of Engineering where she leads the Third Bridge Grant board, mentors student entrepreneurs and helps with their funding strategies. She is a managing director with Golden Seeds, a private equity angel investment group that specializes in investing in startups led by women entrepreneurs. Rocha is very involved with mentoring students and entrepreneurs in developing business models that produce positive results.

Previously Rocha was a leader in the computer networking industry and the realization of the internet. She was vice president of business strategy and operations for the network management group at Cisco and general manager of networking product divisions for 3Com. Rocha received a B.A. in political science and MBA degrees from Providence College in Providence, RI.


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