HackUConn 2019... was an outstanding success!

This year's event was bigger and better than ever with more prizes, more sponsors, more speakers, more free food, and more hacking!

What is HackUConn?

HackUConn is a 24-hour marathon event that brings together young innovators, and problem-solving industry experts for a non-stop, fast-paced competition. Students form teams at the start of the event and combine their skills, as well as their knowledge, with the resources such as hacking supplies, 3D printers, laser cutters, and tech mentors to prototype ideas that have the potential to solve real-world problems. The event is 100% free for all participants and funded by our generous sponsors. Throughout the competition, mini-events such as speakers and hacker workshops take place, and non-stop food and snacks are always free!

Thank you to all our sponsors!

If you would like to help make HackUConn 2020 another smashing success, please contact Kathy Rocha with any business inquiries or more about how YOU can get involved.

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Announcing the winners!

First Place

HackUConn 1st place winners
Kiera Burns ’21 (ENG), Christina Bibinski ’22 (CLAS), Olivia Tirelli ’22 (CLAS) and Megan Walsh ’21 (ENG) – M.O.C.K. Inc. show off their GDD x19, a device used to analyze blood samples and show blood sugar and insulin levels to aid in overdose identification, take home $2,400 cash prize.

Second Place

HackUConn 2nd place winners
Gordon Markman '21 (ACES) and Matthew Lombardo '20 (MEM) – Pulmaphon create a wind instrument to help improve therapy for people suffering from COPD, take home $2,000 cash prize.

Third Place

HackUConn 3rd place winners
Orkan Olgac '21 (BUSN), Viktor Shcheglov '22 (CSE), Cory Harrington '21 (CSE), Alex Boman '22 (EGN), and Evan Weiss '21 (CSE) – The Uplifters design a health app that records activity on phone or device that indicates how you feel, detects when there are issues, and connects you with resources, take home $1,600 cash prize.

Interested in attending HackUConn 2020?

Keep reading if you would like to bring home next years' $2,000 cash prize, and get an inside look into all the hacking your peers were up to at HackUConn 2019!

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Jake Winter, Engineering student, shows off his prosthetic hand

Jake Winter '22 (ENG) demonstrates his prosthetic hand designed to aid those with arthritis.

Thank you to everybody who organized, planned, sponsored, mentored, and helped to make HackUConn 2019 happen!

Now... let's look at some FAQs.

How many students attended? 

This year we had 127 student participants – a 10% increase from last year's event!

How many schools were represented?

Over 9 schools were represented, with large participation from ENGR and CLAS.

How can I get involved?

Stay tuned for updates about next years' ideas and make sure to register online. HackUConn 2020 planning is already underway – a team has been put together, and if you have any questions or are interested in helping out please contact Jackie Seras.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions or comments.


Group of students gather to hear introductory speeches by mentors and sponsors
A group of students gather to hear introductory speeches by mentors and sponsors.

Students write some ideas on pieces of paper posted along wall
Vishal Cherian ’19 (ENG) writes some of his ideas on the pieces of paper posted along the wall.

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HackUConn Winning Team Features Two CLAS Students.



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