Werth Innovators Leadership Development

Ambassadors for entrepreneurship

Werth Innovators are student ambassadors for entrepreneurship and innovation at UConn who play a central role in building interest and participation in our wide range of programs. They are selected annually from a pool of freshmen applicants and receive a $3,000 scholarship that includes mentoring and unique, transformative experience during their sophomore year. There are currently seventeen Werth Innovators for the 2020-2021 academic year who were selected based upon their innovative projects and interest in increasing student involvement in entrepreneurship and innovation at the university.

Applications for Freshmen Women

Deadline September 21st

Applications for Juniors

Deadline September 21st

Our Latest Innovators

werth innovators 2020-2021

Werth Innovators, 2020-2021

Meet the students who have benefited from UConn's WILD program and learn about their aspirations for the future.

Werth Innovators, 2020-2021

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Past Werth Innovators