Entrepreneurial Career Coaching

Amelia Henkel '19 (CLAS) and Tyler Metivier '20 (CLAS) in the astrophysics theory suite in the Gant Science Complex

Who We Are

As you wonder how some people achieve greatness, we want you to know they did not do it alone. They had amazing coaches, mentors and trainers involved in their lives. Whether you want to reach the highest levels of technology, innovation or entrepreneurship, the Werth Institute wants to help you with finding a great coach who will help you advance yourself on this pathway.

What We Offer

The Werth Institute is building out the beginnings of a new student development initiative. This initiative will be offering students entrepreneurial career coaching, training and advising and the entrepreneurial career coaching initiative will be the first released. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to help you focus on your next set of goals and help you define where you would like to see yourself going from here.

How We Can Help You

Entrepreneurial career coaching for each student will include four 30-minute coaching sessions every other week over a course of 8 weeks. The career coaches will work with students to define and discuss their career goals within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how to work towards them. As we onboard new coaches, more students will be accepted to participate in this initiative. 

If you are interested in participating in the first career coaching cohort, please fill out the google form.


Picture of Noah Friedman

Noah Friedman

Noah Sanborn Friedman has been working in venture capital and startups since he was an undergraduate in college. After his sophomore year and several entrepreneurial ventures, he began working directly with Michael Loeb and the Loeb.NYC team to help build and scale the venture portfolio. He is currently the COO of 3x3, a marketing analytics firm and Loeb portfolio company. His background in venture capital at a young age has given him the platform and experience to build high-growth teams and effectively operate disruptive businesses. He's recently begun to speak and lecture on his experiences helping to build and run companies at  a young age. He's also an actor, producer and avid triathlete.

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Headshot of Ryan

Ryan Gresh

Ryan is a co-founder of The Feel Good Lab, a startup on a mission to provide healthier Over the Counter pain relief options. Prior to launching The Feel Good Lab, Ryan was an aerospace engineer working on designing helicopters and jet engines. That passion led Ryan to start his own aerospace sales company where he helped negotiate over $900MM in long term contracts for his customers. Ryan graduated from the UConn School of Engineering (’09) and lives in Berlin, CT.