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The Most Important Skills

Entrepreneurship can be learned, and at its core it’s divided into two parts. The first is the mindset one needs to embrace to be successful, and the second being the actual skills an entrepreneur needs to execute against.

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Entrepreneurs Rise to Challenges

Even after taking all the steps needed to protect oneself from the virus such as social distancing and washing one’s hands, there are elements out of our control regarding the probability of getting infected.

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Why Play With Entrepreneurship Now

During these times our economy and healthcare systems are facing an unprecedented crisis, there is a widespread panic not felt in generations, and policymakers are uncertain about tomorrow.

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If you are going to do it, be great.

Developing engaging content is no easy task. Repeatedly, we are asked “why don’t you do this or do that?” More than once, social media has been the subject to of that question. My answer is that we do not have the capacity and capability to deliver extremely high content on a consistent manner.

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I Just Hired Your Best Employee

With unemployment rates at the lowest they’ve been in 50 years, you have to assume that everyone on your team is being recruited by someone else. Here’s how to consistently retain your workforce so that you can achieve your objectives.

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Innovation is Bullsh**t

Innovation is Bullsh*t

Innovation is overused. Nobody knows what it means anymore, yet everybody’s after it. Innovation has become a facade for, frankly, pretending to make change. 

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