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Provost Message

As Connecticut’s flagship university, we take seriously our ability and obligation to be the state’s most significant economic driver through education, innovation, and business development. Our Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation brings together all of our efforts. These efforts permeate UConn, touching every school and college; creating opportunities for every student, faculty and staff member; and opening doors of collaboration to other universities, companies, and communities. We have an unrivaled capacity to incubate innovations, foster real-world solutions, and turn scientific discoveries into revenue streams and companies. For all of these reasons, entrepreneurship has never been a greater imperative for the university, touching virtually all aspects of what we do.

I invite you to explore this website to learn more about UConn’s vast resources available to our enterprising students, faculty, and forward-thinking partners. Discover the opportunities and learnings made possible by competing for substantial prizes in Innovation Quest, testing your concepts in the Wolff Competition, capping off your education with an engineering senior design project, interning with a startup, or spending 24-intense hours in a hackathon. We invite you to join us in unleashing a brighter future for Connecticut and the world.

John A. Elliot
Interim Provost
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs


Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Entrepreneurship at UConn. The University of Connecticut has a rich history of developing innovative students of the highest caliber. We offer over 30 different programs dedicated to some aspect of entrepreneurship as varied as the IDEA Grant program that supports undergraduate student-defined projects to the Technology Incubation Program that supports the development of scalable commercial ventures for faculty and students.

Members of the Werth Institute provide essential services supporting entrepreneurship including programs, activities, funding, courses, mentoring, and education. UConn offers students a wide range of courses to help them engage in entrepreneurship at different levels including foundational, advanced, and experiential. Students can pursue their interests through joint degrees, majors, or creating their own curricula. Ideas are also encouraged outside the classroom through numerous programs and activities as well as in makerspaces and creation spaces across campus, designed to encourage exploration and innovation.

We hope that you will view the Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation as your partner to navigate this large ecosystem. Current and prospective members partner with the Werth Institute to create opportunities for UConn students and faculty to expand our offerings, improve our network, and ultimately generate more innovation.

Whether you are a prospective student learning about our offerings, a member of the UConn faculty member that wants to develop a new program, or an alumni interested in supporting the entrepreneurial students of UConn, please reach out to our team members for help. We look forward to building a bright future together.

Enabling Opportunities Not Yet Imagined!

David Noble
Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship