A Leap Toward Entrepreneurship

In August, ten aspiring UConn entrepreneurs delivered final business model presentations, marking their completion of the 2017 Summer Fellowship program, sponsored by the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI), The program is designed to help students and faculty develop the skills that they need to bring new products and technologies to market, and provide them with networking, professional services, and dedicated mentorship in order to maximize their odds of success.

Based on their presentations, and the progress that teams made over the course of the Summer Fellowship program, five of the ventures were selected to compete in the Wolff New Venture Competition, being held on Sept. 26, on campus.  The winner of that event will receive $15,000 to support the development of their venture.  Wolff Finalists include Eir Medical Devices, Hans Health, NataSure, Potentiometric Probes and Quantum Purification.

“Over the course of eight weeks, participants have an opportunity to practice core business concepts and skills, meet one on one with experienced entrepreneurs, and get introduced to leaders of professional firms that can offer them pro-bono assistance during the startup and the critical first year of their businesses.”, says CCEI’s managing director, Michelle Cote.  “Many of our mentors and program partners are UConn alumni. They tell us that they get as much value out of the program as the aspiring entrepreneurs do.”

The Wolff Prize is endowed through the Thomas John and Bette Wolff Family Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship, established to provide leadership for teaching and research in the field of strategic entrepreneurship. The Wolff family has a long tradition of business success, personal philanthropy, commitment to the University of Connecticut. For more information about the Summer Fellowship Program and the Wolff New Venture Competition please visit ccei.uconn.edu