Building a Culture
of Innovation

At UConn, entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, unrestrained by school, college, or program.

Our students, faculty, and staff seek to improve the world around them through innovation, meeting societal needs with novel solutions for products, services, and processes. The Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation links the multitude of ways students can learn and practice entrepreneurship at the University, unlocking an innovative mindset in every student and instilling an inquisitive approach to rejecting the status quo.

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Oct 4th

Kick Off Event

Join Squared Labs as they share stories, collaborations, and experiences that showcase student talent.

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Oct 15th

Research Connections

Expose primarily first and second year students to UConn's rich landscape of research through meaningful interactions with faculty, staff, graduate students, peers, and other key partners.

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Oct 20th

Fall Frontiers

A hybrid exhibition where dozens of UConn undergraduates share the research and creative projects they have pursued with the university community.

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Oct 26th

Innovation Experience Expo

An opportunity for UConn students to discover the wide range of programs, resources, and activities facilitating entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity at the university.

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Participate in Discovery Quest

Gamifies participation in Month of Discovery events. Earn points to win prizes and get recognized on a Leaderboard.
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NetWerx Mentorship: February Cohort

The Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation's NetWerx program is a mentorship/networking program targeted to first-year and sophomore students. This program connects current UConn students “virtually” to an alum, typically who graduated less than 15 years ago, for a series of five 30-minute sessions scheduled by you. Requirements: Submit an application and attend a virtual NetWerx Mentee Training Session (one hour)

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Raina Jain next to bee hive art

UConn Magazine: Bee Good

Raina Jain ’24 (ENG) was still in high school when she learned at a science fair lecture who the culprit behind much of the honeybee die-off she had been hearing about for years was. The varroa destructor is a tiny mite that attaches itself to, and feeds off, a honeybee. Read on UConn Today

Drone shot of forest

Seeing Beneath the Trees: Using Robots and AI to Control Understory Invasive Plants

Nancy Marek was trekking through the forest, propane torch in hand, searching for invasive plants to remove when the thought occurred to her: “There’s got to be another way to do this.” Read on UConn Today

By the Numbers

  60+ Member Programs

  $22.5M Commitment from Peter J. Werth for UConn Entreprenurship Programs

Since 2015 100 Teams Have Participated in Accelerate UConn Entreprenurship Training

  650+ Patents Issued for UConn Innovations