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At UConn, entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, unrestrained by school, college, or program.

Our students, faculty, and staff seek to improve the world around them through innovation, meeting societal needs with novel solutions for products, services, and processes. The Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation links the multitude of ways students can learn and practice entrepreneurship at the University, unlocking an innovative mindset in every student and instilling an inquisitive approach to rejecting the status quo.

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VentureWell’s E-Team Grant Program

The E-Team program supports multidisciplinary student-led teams who are aiming to bring their innovation out of the lab and into the market. Every year, we award over $700,000 in non-dilutive E-Team grants to these early-stage student science and tech startups who are on the path to launching innovations with a social, health, or environmental impact. In the past two decades, VentureWell has provided over $8M in grants to more than 550 entrepreneurial teams. Our 180+ alumni ventures have received over $122M in follow-on funding since taking part in the E-Team program. Meet our E-Teams

picture of Zac Will giving a presentation

Freshman Entrepreneur Has the Antidote to Harsh Winters: Fun Flannel Shirts

Now a UConn freshman, majoring in management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Will is preparing to launch a startup this fall that will feature Hawaiian designs, and other fun prints, on flannel shirts. Read on UConn Today.

Peter Goggins smiling and holding fish food

UConn Student Entrepreneur Asks: Shouldn’t the Fish We Eat Be Fed Healthier Food?

Although he enjoys working with ornamental fish and those that are kept as pets, Goggins is most focused on nourishing the fish that people consume. The typical American consumes about 16 pounds of fish each year, according to the National Marine Fisheries Service. About half of that seafood is farmed, and that percentage is growing. Read on UConn Today

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  60+ Member Programs

  $22.5M Commitment from Peter J. Werth for UConn Entreprenurship Programs

Since 2015 100 Teams Have Participated in Accelerate UConn Entreprenurship Training

  650+ Patents Issued for UConn Innovations