UConn Startups

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UConn has produced many startups from both students and faculty.

Here are some examples:


Amastan Technologies is commercializing a disruptive process technology born out of discoveries made at MIT and UConn Innovation Labs.  Amastan is bringing patented microwave-based plasma technologies to market for the first time in the world.

Founded in 2014 and led by Leadership with proven experience in bringing new technologies to market, Amastan’s world class team is driven by top academic institutions, successful entrepreneurs, plasma scientists, the venture capital community, the semiconductor industry and nano materials markets.  Headquartered in a 17,000 sf facility, Amastan is ideally situated just north of Boston.


Azitra is an R&D-stage company developing a microbiome based platform to deliver innovative, inexpensive, and sustainable treatments for skin disease. We are addressing skin conditions ranging from atopic dermatitis to MRSA skin infections using our novel bacterial platform engineered to secrete therapetuic proteins.

BioArray Genetics

BioArray is a genomics-based diagnostics company focused on fundamentally changing the paradigm of cancer treatment.

One of the leading issues in healthcare today is avoiding over treatment and determining the optimal treatment plan for early-stage cancers. BioArray’s proprietary panel of unique genes is the foundation for the development of predictive tests that provide clinically actionable results to guide treatment decisions.

Identifying relevant treatment options upfront means avoiding harmful side effects from ineffective treatment with the opportunity to improve outcomes.

BioArray’s predictive tests are designed to transform cancer treatment management, improve patient quality of life and survival outcomes, as well as reduce healthcare costs associated with unnecessary treatment.


Biorasis, Inc. is a privately held company committed to developing a wireless, needle-implantable (0.5 x 0.5 x 5 mm) biosensor platform for real time, continuous metabolite monitoring.

Some of our strengths include:

  • Significant R&D experience of our team in various fields including (1) electrochemical sensors; (2) drug-delivery coatings; (3) analog/mixed signal circuits; (4) semiconductor packaging; (5) quality control.
  • Solid IP portfolio with a holistic approach to developing a continuous metabolic monitoring system.
  • Well cited publications to support the technology.
  • Numerous peer-reviewed state and federal grants that attests to the confidence in our approach.

Control Station

Control Station solves difficult plant monitoring and controller challenges facing process manufacturers with a broad portfolio of software-based solutions that is cater to your unique needs. Our offerings equip production and maintenance staff with actionable information and help to simplify the optimization of plant performance.

Control Station was founded in 1988 by Doctor Douglas Cooper and headquartered near the University of Connecticut. Control Station harnesses the creative energies of its surroundings, and those energies have produced an array of best-in-class technologies for maintaining plant reliability and optimizing production control. Our products are award-winning and widely recognized for their ease-of-use.

With an office in the Connecticut technology corridor, Control Station has the infrastructure and mobility needed to support a growing base of world-class and multi-national process manufacturers. Through our alignment with global OEMs such as Rockwell Automation, Yokogawa, and others. We also partner with a wide assortment of regional solution providers, and we are confident in our ability to support the most challenging needs of the process manufacturing community.

Instant Imaging Technology

Instant Imaging Technology, LLC is a recognized leader on the local market, and we have every right to be proud of this fact. The driving force behind our reputation is our employees, who have invested a lot of energy in the development of our business. We place primary importance on the personal and professional development of each of them, and we try to give our employees every opportunity to better themselves. Feel free to take a look around. Be sure to check out our latest Products and Services and leave us a quote if you have questions.


The goal of LambdaVision is to design and develop an innovative, protein-based retinal implant that utilizes the light-activated protein, bacteriorhodopsin, to stimulate the retina of patients suffering from impaired vision or loss of sight due to retinal degenerative diseases, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Because current treatments of RP and AMD only slow disease progression, LambdaVision is dedicated to creating a retinal prosthesis that is capable of restoring high-resolution vision and enhancing the quality of life for those afflicted by retinal degeneration. LambdaVision was founded through UConn Ventures in May 2009 by the research group lead by Dr. Robert R. Birge, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Connecticut.

Macroscopic Solutions

Macroscopic Solutions provides products, services and support that are based on the photographic technique of Focus stacking. Our team is dedicated to improving the significance of focus stacking for the scientific and indiustrial communities by providing novel and elegant imaging solutions. Focus Stacking is also known as focal plane merging and z-stacking. It’s a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a resulting image with a greater depth of field (DOF) than any of the individual source images can possibly provide. Focus Stacking allows researchers and users to preserve details that are normally lost when using microscopes, stereoscopes, SEM’s and fluorescence. Focus Stacking records and preserves the object’s natural color, orientation and context in the form of a high-resolution image or movie.

Mobile Sense Technologies

With the introduction of our innovative SensBand™, Mobile Sense Technologies is the only company to combine advanced detection and noise algorithms with consumer friendly, wireless sensor bands. Convenient placement on a patient’s arm or wrist means the first ever non-adhesive monitoring system designed for ease of use with a high compliance platform designed to complement the varied lifestyle of the patient.

Smpl Bio

Smpl Bio is reinventing bioinformatics by developing a very powerful yet extremely simple platform technology that blends biology, statistics, and high performance computing to offer unique comprehensive workflows for genomics and proteomics analyses. This platform technology, Kratos, has broad applications in life science research and diagnostics and is envisioned to expedite discoveries necessary for the development of newer diagnostics, better drugs, and superior therapies.

Smpl Bio is located in Tolland, CT was formed in January 2014. The seven member founding team comprises excellent scientific and business acumen, and includes highly successful entrepreneurs and seasoned executives.

Solution Spray Technologies

SST offers small-volume ceramic coating services and ceramic coating/membrane development services. They can deposit ceramic coatings on a variety of metal and ceramic substrates and help you develop a custom solution. They will have an experienced technician work with you to use their plasma spray booth to deposit your coatings for an all-inclusive cost of $2,000/day plus materials that you provide. For larger projects, contact them to discuss volume pricing options. They can do solution, powder, or suspension plasma spray.

Voda Water

Voda Water, maker of the SmartWell, is a Connecticut-grown company proud to have its roots at the University of Connecticut. They believe in the ability of the individual to improve the world. They support this belief by creating products that are healthy, eco-friendly, and advocate personal choice. The SmartWell is an incredible, custom beverage dispenser perfectly designed for schools. With the SmartWell, you have the opportunity to customize a beverage to your liking. Using the SmartWell’s intuitive touchscreen interface, you can select pure or sparkling water. In addition, you can customize your drink with any combination of flavors, electrolytes, and vitamins.

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